Lock and Unlock With Wifi and Bluetooth


Send and Receive Bluetooth Keys


1 year battery life thanks to the Keynie Hub


Automatically unlocks when you are near & closes when you leave


Access Logs - Check Who Last Used Your Lock

Easy Installation, Easy Removal

The Keynie fits the traditional 54mm door hole and can be removed without a trace. So you can use it even in the house you are renting. Keep it with you wherever you go.

Tired Of Fumbling In The Dark
For Keys?

The days of fumbling around for keys while trying to carry the groceries and kids is a thing of the past. The Keynie allows you to simply hold the door handle and turn. No traditional keys required!

Peace of Mind

Allow your kids and loved ones access to your home when you're not around. No more waiting and no more leaving a spare key where it can be found by intruders.

Remember When You Were
Last Locked Out?

Never again! The days of being locked out are behind you. Lost your smart phone? No worries, simply use your bluetooth FOB, traditional key or log into the website to unlock your door.

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icon FAQs
The Keynie fits most standard doors. The Keynie uses the common 54mm door hole and even better, can be installed in minutes without assistance. The Keynie works with most door thicknesses and setbacks. Please email hello@keynie.com if you're not sure and we would be happy to help.
No stress! First of all, you can use your bluetooth FOB, log into a computer or use your conventional key to get access to your home. Now you're safely inside, you can simply remove the lost device from those authorised to operate the Keynie using another phone, the website or a button on the back of the Keynie.
The Keynie supports all iPhone and Android phones with bluetooth 4.0. This includes the iPhone 4s and newer, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, HTC One Max, Sony Experia and Nexus 4 & 5. Not sure if it works with your phone? Simply email hello@keynie.com and we would be happy to help.
The Keynie was made with renters in mind. Easily installed and removed without a trace, making it perfect for home owners and renters alike.
We love the Keynie and we're sure you will too. We're so sure of this that we want all of our awesome customers to be 100% satisfied. Simply return your Keynie within 14 days of receipt for a 100% refund (less shipping costs).
Simply open the front panel and use your conventional key. Never be locked out again.
Thanks to the Keynie Hub, you can expect a battery life of 12 months or more.
The secret to the Keynie's extended battery life is the Keynie Hub. The Keynie Hub handles all of the wifi communication for the Keynie. Given it connects to mains power, you have all of the benefits of wifi without the power consumption.
We ship to most countries. Due to trademarks, we are unavailable to ship the Keynie to some locations, however we will be providing the product under a different brand to ensure people all around the world can access their favorite smart lock. Watch this space!
We would love to help. Email hello@keynie.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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