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KeyNIE detects your iOS or Android smartphone as you approach, confirms your identity, and unlocks the moment you press it. No phone? No problem. KeyNIE lets you set a 4-digit code you can use anytime to enter. This makes it a more secure option than the normal locks in the market!

Manage Multiple Locks

KeyNIE enables you to manage multiple locks on your asset. Through this app, you can monitor the activities on your various locks.

Share/ Revoke Access to users

This feature is the most important feature through which you can easily give or share access with a person and revoke the access once the use is over.

History Data

This feature shows the details of the past transactions and activities related to the access and locations of the lock. This way you can get the information about the people you have or had shared your lock access with and when the lock was accessed and by whom?

Location Data

With this feature, you can easily monitor where, which lock is used so that you can continuously follow the progress of your assets or you can know where your lock was accessed.

Let the App do all the worrying!

Your Mobile is a part of your daily life. With the KeyNIE app installed, your Mobile becomes your mobile security command center. So you can continue on with your life with security and peace of mind.

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