7 Reasons Why Digital Locks are the Best

I bet when Linus Yale Sr. in 1843 patented his pin and tumbler locks, he would’ve never imagined that the modern advances could take his concept and develop a technology around it!

But even today, the traditional lock and key are being used in many places and households! It can be hard to have a grip on the idea that in the age of computers and the Internet, people still use traditional locks! They haven’t gotten completely obsolete.

But with time, technology progresses at a rapid speed. This is the reason why more and more people are trusting digital locks nowadays!

Let’s look at some stats!

A report of a Consumer Electronics Association found out that about 36% of the households with smart home automation systems have a digital lock installed.

This shows that people consider home security a very important part of the home automation technology!

This evolution in the security sector has picked up the pace lately, with biometrics and other such technologies entering the picture!

This blog talks about why digital locks are a better option for home security these days, let's discuss your points in the comments later.

1. No Keys!

It eliminates the use of keys and all the problems and challenges that one faces while using a key! You no longer will have to worry about misplacing the keys, keeping a constant tab on who has the spare keys or making sure that you have a few duplicate keys for an emergency.

With smart locks, your phone will act as a key or use a code to open the lock.

Now, your kids or guests will never be locked out when you are not around!

2. Convenient

The main difference between a traditional lock and a smart lock is that the latter provides more convenience than a traditional lock.

Usually, these smart locks have different unlocking mechanisms. No matter what mechanism is used in a lock, it is better than a key! The sharing of access becomes very easy and convenient. You can very effectively manage and monitor the lock on your phone!

3. Easy to manage

Smart locks are generally managed by their dedicated applications. These applications have most of the managing features. For instance, KeyNIE door lock has KeyNIE Lock app that makes sure that a user can very easily manage the locks and its access.

Other smart locks also have an application that makes sure that it works efficiently!

4. Letting your guests in is now easy!

Gone are those days when you had to lend keys or hide your keys beneath the doormat or worry about taking those keys back when the guests were gone!

Smart locks make it totally simple for you. Share the access through eKeys or share your passcodes with a person of your choice and you’re good to go!

Once the user is done, you can easily revoke this access as well! Smart locks like KeyNIE, also allow you to schedule your access! When you share an eKey with a person, you set a ‘Timed’ or a ‘Permanent’ eKey! So, this way you will never have to worry about revoking the access from the guests!

5. Sleek and Stylish than the Traditional Locks

These locks are usually aesthetically good looking than those age-old traditional locks that have the same type of design. No one would like to install an unattractive looking device in his or her home, especially on their doors!

These locks are generally very sleek and stylish and elevate the look of your door and house! So, it’ll never hurt you to buy yourself a good smart lock, if you are worried about how it’ll look?

6. More Secure

Due to the superior features that these smart locks provide, they are better at providing security than any traditional lock.
Features that enable better managing and monitoring of the lock makes sure that no trespassing is done and any unauthorized access is caught the minute it happens.

Its features also allow you to remotely manage the lock and get real-time notifications of the status of the lock.

7. Real-time Monitoring

This feature is present in all these smart locks. You can access the past unlock and share records through the application.

Suppose you shared an eKey with your friend. After you do this, whenever your friend will use that access to unlock the door, you will get an instant notification in the application; about who opened the door, the type of eKey used and when the door was opened. You, as an admin, can access all this information in the records of your application.

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Our society is moving towards higher and progressive technology and with time, our security systems have become more resilient and better prepared. The reasons discussed above are some of the important factors that make any smart lock, a more advanced security solution in today’s world!

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