App Features of KeyNIE Door Lock you should know!

Have you ever imagined that what makes smart locks ‘smart’? Smart locks in today’s world are not just smart because they provide a keyless access!

They are called smart locks because they provide easy ways to manage and monitor the lock along with providing convenience and ease of use to the user.

KeyNIE too is smart because it is supported by the KeyNIE Lock App. This application handles the operation of the lock as well as helps in the effective management of the lock.

The KeyNIE Lock App has a lot of other features than just unlocking the lock and providing different modes of access.

These other special features are designed to give you guys a very user-friendly and easy way to manage and monitor KeyNIE.

So, let’s dive into what these other features are and what they help you to do?

•    Send eKey

This feature allows you to share access securely by sharing an eKey with a person of your choice! You just have to select the option ‘Send eKey’ and select the type of eKey you want to share.

There are options like ‘Timed’ and ‘Permanent’ available to the user through which he can set a time limit to the eKeys.

•    Generate and Send Passcode

Sharing access is made easier and more intuitive! Another feature facilitating the sharing of smart accesses is that you can generate a passcode and then share it with a person of your choice!

•    Schedule your Passcodes

You can now schedule your passcode by selecting the type of passcode you want! This can be done by choosing from a range of options you get from permanent and timed passcode to cyclic passcode that activates only for a specific time period, following a definite pattern.

•    Records

You get to know who opened the door, when was the door opened, the way of unlocking mode used by the person, etc. These constant notifications allow you to have non-stop monitoring of the activities on your door.

This way you can remotely manage KeyNIE without worrying about the security and safety of your home and belongings! You will be notified on your phone, about everything that happens to KeyNIE!

There are certain options that we will be adding. This is just to give you all an idea for the features that will be added in the KeyNIE Lock app in future.

•    Transfer and Share Admin

We are planning to introduce options like ‘Transfer Admin’ so that you can easily transfer the admin rights to a person of your choice if ever you want to.

Another option called ‘Share Admin’ allows you to share your admin rights with a particular person if the need arises.

•    Modify existing Passcode

This option, as the name suggests, facilitates the modification of the time period allotted to a particular type of passcode.

This means that you can simply select this option and change the time-related specifications of an access shared through a passcode.

A user should be well versed with the features available in the application. This is because knowing them can make operating and managing the lock effortlessly!

For those of you who haven’t downloaded the application yet, please visit the keyNIE Application and download it, It’s that easy!

Hope this blog helps you out to use the application in the most optimal way!

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