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It is no surprise that ‘smart’ technology has made life simple. In that, the field of smart security is revolutionizing itself every few years!

A few years ago, no one would’ve believed that you could open a door with your phone!

In this volatile world, technological advances are the only way forward. When it comes to security, home security has transformed a lot. Imagine still using those cumbersome keys. Worrying about all the spare keys that you shared with your friends and family. Managing those keys and making sure that you take those keys back once the use is over!

Luckily, those days are gone and now you can manage your shared accesses, monitor the activities concerning your lock, check the records, etc.; in no time at all!

KeyNIE is a digital smart lock that eliminates all these hassles and makes the process so much simpler. In this blog, features of KeyNIE are discussed in a way that it would suggest the ways you can use it. This way it will be easy to have a better understanding of the lock so that it can help you make a better decision regarding the security of your home or any other premises!

KeyNIE padlocks come in 2 shapes, which are- KeyNIE Round and KeyNIE Square Lock!

Now let us understand in what cases can KeyNIE help you out?

Why KeyNIE Smart Locks?

Aesthetic Appeal

Since padlocks and door locks are the first things you see when you enter your house or office, the visual appeal of the lock also plays an important role. If someone has just renovated their home, it is only natural that he or she would select or look for a lock that would complement his or her home and its design!

KeyNIE padlocks are very compact, sleek, stylish and are also weather resistant at the same time. Both the locks are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the consumers!

KeyNIE Square Lock is designed for rougher and sturdier use. It can be used to keep your property, home or office safe.

Whereas, KeyNIE Round Lock is sleeker and petite in its making. This makes it portable and increases its mobility. You can use it to lock your bikes or for your lockers, etc.

Remote Management

This feature is very useful and one of the reasons why smart locks are better than the conventional locks.

KeyNIE Lock application allows you to remotely control and manage the padlocks. They operate on the Bluetooth technology. So, whenever a user is in the range of the padlock, the lock opens immediately once its wake-up button is pressed.

Besides this basic and main function, you can remotely operate and change other settings of the lock.

Data Tracking

This feature of the lock consists of you being able to easily track and monitor the activities of the padlock.

The ‘Records’ section in the application shows you the unlock records that consist of information like- who unlocked the padlock, when and which lock was unlocked (if there are multiple locks)!

The ‘eKey’ option on the Lock Management will show you the records that show information about the eKeys you have shared. It precisely shows you the name of the person you shared eKeys with, when did you share them and the type of eKey that you shared!

One can easily find this feature very helpful in order to maintain the security of office premises or co-working places too!

Easy Access Sharing

The convenience of using no keys at all is the catch here. At the same time, sharing spare keys and maintaining them, keeping a track on them, make new keys to replace the ones that were lost; is all very tedious and sometimes seems pointless.

To free you from such hassles, KeyNIE Lock app has the concept of ‘EKey’ that you can use to share with people of your choice. The most important thing to consider here is that you can do this remotely.

Imagine your friend is at your door and you are out! In this case, you can easily share the access with your friend right from your office. He just needs to download and register in the KeyNIE Lock app and you are good to go!

This feature also makes it a very effective product for hotels and offices or corporate premises. In such scenarios, the hotel guests can be given access to their respective rooms. At the same time, employees can be given access to the main entrance to the office, in the case of offices and corporate premises! Many real estate firms can use such locks for the prospective properties to ensure better security!

Can Schedule your access!

One of the most outstanding features of KeyNIE padlocks is the provision to schedule the access. You can set a time for the eKey that you share with a person of your choice!

There are two types of eKeys- Timed and Permanent. The timed eKey allows you to set a time limit after which the access is rendered as invalid! This takes off the burden of remembering to revoke the access.

This feature is also very useful for hotels since the guests will only be occupying a room for a limited amount of time! Corporate offices can also set the time limit for certain hours on certain days, for their employees since they only come to the office on the weekdays and only for a certain number of hours in a day!

KeyNIE padlocks are very simple but smart security solutions. The features that they provide are very useful and dynamic and are designed to have the consumer’s best interests in their mind!

To know more about KeyNIE padlocks and other products of KeyNIE, visit their website- www.keynie.com.

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