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One should be able to ensure their safety within the confines of their home. It is a very obvious thing! The desire for that has resulted in constant innovation in the field of security solutions.

This is probably the most important contributor to the worldwide adoption of smart security solutions in modern households since recent times.

Today, when nuclear families are a very common thing, the elderly of the family are facing a task where they have got to make sure that they and their homes are safe. The loved ones who get older, have a desire of returning to their homes, to live in a self-respecting way and with the level of independence that they want.

The aging couples living together, always have anxiety and worries, when it comes to the security and safety of their home. Fortunately, enough, there are such advancements in the smart security field that can now allow them to remain assured about the safety of their homes, belongings and themselves.

There are plethora of smart security devices that ease off their worries and help them ensure the safety of their house and belongings. Some of them help to protect the house and property from robberies and invasion whereas, others make sure that the house is safe from threats like fire, smoke, etc. In this blog, we are going to learn about different types of security devices that can really benefit the senior citizens of the society to lead a carefree and secure life. Some of the important ones are listed below:

Smart Sensors and Cameras

The aim of smart sensors is to track the activities that happen in your house and surroundings and to notify you of any unusual activities (if there are any). There are many smart sensors that notice and store a particular pattern of behavior and notes any unusual changes in the pattern and lets the person or his/her relatives know of it.

A great example of such sensors can be of HoneyCo sensors that are placed throughout a house and what it does is that it tracks his routine patterns of activities. So, if someone’s elderly father is not moving around and hasn’t started his day by say 9.00 am, which he usually does by 7.30 am, then it will directly notify his closest relative about it and this can play a big role in saving a life!

Many other types of sensors used to detect activities like an excess of fire or smoke because of microwaves, ovens, stoves, heaters, etc. that are the major reasons for causing a fire in homes. These sensors can deactivate the device that is considered to be the source of the fire and thus save the residents from any mishaps. An example of such a sensor is Inirv sensors, that are currently in the testing phase.

On the flip side, when the sensors are there to track the activities in the house, they are not fully efficient in capturing what happens in and around a house. So, in such cases, video surveillance and security cameras come to the rescue.

CCTV cameras are not just office equipment in today’s world! They are efficiently providing security to the residential establishments as well. These video surveillance devices and services help maintain the security of the premises even when you are away and also help you notify the local police authorities in case of an emergency. Video surveillance service provided by the company EZYCAM makes sure that in case of an emergency, they also notify a few of your immediate contacts about the unusual activity.

Apart from this, there are many other smart gadgets like video doorbells that record activities around the front door of the house which you can later on access to assess the security of your house and property. An example of such a gadget can be Ring Doorbells. They even have built-in motion sensors to provide security.

Smart Locks

Another very important device is a smart lock. They are making a huge difference in the security provisions in a household as well as offices.

But when it comes to the case of the elderly, they are very convenient as well as a secure option to go for.

These locks remotely lock/unlock the door and provide many other features like easy access sharing with trusted people. This feature can be very helpful if there are nurses or caretakers that make regular visits to the place.

These locks provide multiple ways of access and also provide real-time monitoring to the users.

Locks like KeyNIE smart door locks have special features where you can set a time to the accesses that you share. It also has alternatives provisions of access in the case where the batteries die out. It has a mechanical key as one way and you can also jump-start the batteries to unlock the door.

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Smart Alarm Systems

The alarm systems are all-around monitoring systems that involve looking over many devices. There are a lot of companies in the market that provide such facilities and products.

One of the best companies for this is the Samsung Home Monitoring Kit, that has a water-leak sensor and multipurpose sensor, that does the work very efficiently.

This allows the users to monitor everything in their homes and eliminate every danger that can harm the residents of the property.

Smart Lights

Smart lighting in a home can not only save money but also is a thing that can help elderly people, when they live alone. Through smart lighting, you can remotely increase or decrease the intensity of the lights or you can also turn them on or off.

This setting can also help elderly people to control the settings of the light so that the house doesn’t look unoccupied. This can give a lot of comfort to them and their family members.

Apart from this, smart lights also have motion sensors due to which they turn on whenever anyone enters a room, this way an old person never has to enter a dark room and fumble for the switches. This way any mishaps are also reduced.

Voice Control

This technology has recently gained a lot of popularity and has become a favorite smart home automation device in a lot of modern households.

You must have heard of devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, all these are voice-based automation systems. All the smart home devices connect with these digital assistants to make the life of the user easy. Just giving a voice command to the digital assistant, he can control the lightings of the house, lock or unlock the front door, etc.

Imagine, how much will this kind of system help the aged family members to manage their home. They obviously won’t be able to use all the smart devices with that much of ease, but they can surely give voice commands to Alexa and make sure that they lock the door or turn the lights off or make a call for an appointment!

The above-mentioned technologies can be very helpful to aged people lead a safe, secure and carefree life with a lot of convenience and time saved. There is no two ways about the fact that there are a variety of options available when it comes to the smart security gadgets, but the products mentioned above are reliable and trustworthy.

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