How Digital Door Locks Are the Best for Home Security

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The last few years have seen a massive change in the demographics and the way people perceive home security.

We have seen a large-scale acceptance of smart home gadgets. This has, in turn, affected the smart security gadget industry, the smart lock industry in particular.

Anticipated to reach around USD$47 million globally, the smart home security industry is witnessing an interesting dynamic change and is showing a lot of promise and for good reason!

The rising popularity of the concept of a ‘smart home’ has led a whole new market of digital smart locks to flourish and has given them a chance to evolve and tap into some newer segments of users.

These changes have been possible because there has been a paradigm shift in the requirements of people’s day to day security requirements.

Rising crime rates is also one of the main reasons that pushed the audiences towards using smarter security tech for their homes.

With a lot of variants like padlocks, door locks, portable smart locks, etc. emerging in the market, the use of these smart locks has also changed immensely.

This has opened up a new segment of locks that specialize in serving a specific security need of a consumer.

There are so many benefits of using a smart lock that you can definitely see a lot of your time and efforts, saved!

These locks also help to monitor and keep a tab on who unlocks/locks the door, when the door has been accessed, etc.

Not taking the risk of sounding too preachy, let’s dig a little deeper to understand why and how these locks are the best option for home-security?

Features That Make Digital Locks the Best Option for Home Security

Despite all the astounding numbers that show a bright future for digital locks, you should understand WHY these locks are being used by more and more people each day? The reasons are:

No keys or combinations!

You don’t ever have to worry about misplacing your keys or forgetting those tricky combinations in order to ensure the security of your house!

In this fast and busy life, time is money. You can save it by being able to enter your home using Bluetooth technology. These smart locks allow you to unlock the door right on your smartphone!

While most of them work on Bluetooth technology nowadays, there are many other ways of access as well!

Biometric technology is also used. It mainly consists of methods like fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, etc.

Other ways of access include inputting a passcode in the keypad that will unlock the door, scanning a QR code, etc. These ways are as secure as any other traditional lock.

You will never have to worry about misplacing or losing the key or fret about making a new spare key for the lock.

Enables Remote Sharing of Access.

A smart lock is easy to operate and share access.

Imagine you and your partner are busy at work and your kids have come home from school and they lose their copy of the key to the lock. Now, your kid is locked out and you will have to worry about making sure that you get the key and reach home for your kid!

The same can be the case when a guest arrives at your place, without any prior knowledge. There’s nobody at home to open the door. We all have been through this!

A smart lock allows you to easily share or revoke access with your kids or guests from your office, in real-time!

Manage everything with just a tap on your smartphone!

Provides Real-time Monitoring!

Smart locks are also a better option than the traditional locks since they allow you to monitor the activities and transactions of the lock in real-time.

Each time the lock gets used, you will get notifications showing who used the lock, when was the lock used, if you are using multiple locks then which lock was used, which way of unlocking was used, etc.

You can also access the history of records of the locks that show the past transactions of the lock. This way you can assess them for analyzing your security.

This makes it very easy as well as secure too!

Allows you to Schedule your access.

You also get some special features that help you manage your lock even better.

Certain smart locks like KeyNIE, allow you to schedule or set a time to your accesses so that you don’t have to worry about revoking the access again after the use is over.

For instance, if your guests arrive at your place when you are not around, then you can share a passcode with them that has a validity of one-time use. Or you can set a time-limit to the passcode and then share it. This will make sure that the passcode becomes invalid after that time limit!

These types of features that allow you to customize the access and its properties, make sure that the access doesn’t get misused by anyone.

The best option for a smart home!

There are a lot of other advantages and features of a smart lock that help in maintaining the security of a household.

Smart homes are gaining rapid acceptance among the urban and semi-urban population of the world. In times like these, where the technology and the way of life are changing at a lightning speed, a compatible device is always a better-suited option.

These digital door locks are highly compatible in the environment of a smart home. Also, since these locks are wireless and operate on wireless technology, they also work during power outages.

You won’t ever get locked out!

In case if you are wondering what happens when they run out of juice, these smart locks usually have a feature of  'jump-start'. This means that you can connect an external source of power and you are good to go. You can access the lock and then once you do that, you can change the batteries of the lock.

Don’t worry, this will rarely happen. You will know when the battery is about to run out since you will get a constant status on the battery of the lock. You also have another option of using a mechanical key (a physical key provided with the lock) to access the door.

There is a lot of research done on the uses and suitability of digital smart locks for home security and a majority of them have ended up accepting that these locks provide better security to the homes along with convenience. Both of these benefits hold a lot of value in one’s life today!

These are some obvious reasons that I, as a security consultant at KeyNIE, found to be encouraging users to choose a smart lock for better home security.

At KeyNIE, our team has focused on addressing the most common security concerns of the consumers all over the world and has come up with the best smart lock - KeyNIE! Now our products are ready to serve the home security needs of all! Check out KeyNIE digital locks.

Posted by - Stuti Trivedi

Stuti is a blogger and a content developer currently working in the field of smart security. She is a content designer for KeyNIE and writes about various security trends in the market.

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