Insights into the KeyNIE Digital Smart Lock

Insights into the KeyNIE Digital Smart Lock

Smart locks have taken over the security market and have replaced the traditional locks almost entirely when it comes to urban lifestyle. This made me try them out myself and review them on the basis of some factors or features.

I have tried out a few smart locks and have come to like a few brands. These brands provide security and are also very easy to use and have some really good application interfaces to control them.

One such lock that really caught my eye is KeyNIE Door Lock! This lock has some great features and apart from this, it has also gotten a user-friendly and easy-to-use application called KeyNIE Lock.

Below are some features that I used to judge the lock to be able to come to this decision!

Factors that attracted me to use KeyNIE:

1. Pocket-Friendly

One of the main reasons for me to select a lock, to some extent, is related to how much it costs? There are a lot of smart locks in the market. A lot of them are quite pricey and fail to meet the standards.

I have made some bad decisions in the past that cost me some bucks but didn’t return the value of the product!

For those of you who share the same concerns for KeyNIE, forget them! This lock is pocket-friendly and more so ever, it provides the value that you expect after spending that money!

2. Provides good security and is convenient!

This lock is also very efficient in providing security and convenience. By security, I mean it provides the same level of security that any traditional lock would provide. It’s application only enhances the security features, which is how a good smart lock is supposed to work.

When it comes to convenience, this lock provides features that enable you to schedule your passcodes. There are 6 types of passcodes that you can choose to share with people of your choice!

There is an option of Permanent Passcode that generates a permanent passcode for you to share with the person of your choice. The option- Timed Passcode allows you to set a time limit to the passcode.

Other options like Custom Passcode help you generate your own passcode. Cyclic passcode allows you to set a time and generate a repetitive pattern for that set time!

All these options are super-convenient. You don’t have to worry about revoking an access if you set a time to it. That’s exactly what the app allows you to do!

3. Easy to Install

It is very easy to install the lock. It doesn’t require for you to change your door. If you have a deadbolt or a latch lock, installing a digital door lock wouldn’t be too difficult!

Now, this lock is basically a mortise lock. So, to fix a KeyNIE door lock into your door, you just have to drill 3 holes in the door. Make sure the holes are drilled in a way that is in alignment with the holes in the front and back panels of the lock. Once you take care of this, the installation is not a big task!

4. Sleek and Stylish

If you are a big fan of the aesthetic factor of a lock, this lock ticks that checkbox too! It is black in colour and sleek in design.

It has an attractive acrylic touchscreen keypad along with reversible handles made of a zinc alloy material.

It also has a hidden mechanical keyhole that facilitates access through a mechanical key. It also has a slot for external power supply in case of an emergency! What more could you want?

5. User-Friendly App

This lock is managed by a KeyNIE Lock app for Android and iOS smartphones. This application is very easy-to-use and understand.

It has various features and options that help you to manage and monitor the lock with just a tap on your phone!

Options like ‘Records’ show you the unlock and sharing data. All the notifications are received in real-time!

This enables you to monitor and keep a vigilant eye on the activities of your lock and whether your house or belongings are safe or not?

All in all, my experience of using KeyNIE was quite pleasurable. It provided me with all the basic needs that I look for in a smart lock. It provides the value for money and also has an efficient application to manage it!

You can check out the product at our smart lock store, if you are curious and want to know more.

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