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Imagine a world without intelligent devices. They have made life so much easier. Consider your phone. It stores data, it saves your favourite contacts in a different list, it saves your favourite photographs on a separate list, etc. In fact, the phones today, act as a mini-computer!

There are many aspects of our lives that are made easier, efficient and more convenient through the use of smart and intelligent technology.

Since the terms ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’ are being used very loosely to explain all kinds of technologies and gadgets these days, their value and importance have somewhat lost on us. 

Smart gadgets are also interchangeably referred to as ‘intelligent gadgets’!

What does an intelligent gadget do?

An intelligent device is any type of machine, equipment or instrument that has its own computing capability. Apart from personal and compact (handheld) computers, many other devices like cars, medical instruments, home appliances, etc. can be considered as intelligent devices.

You may also have heard of terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Don’t get confused by them. According to the explanation about AI in the Encyclopedia Britannica, it is defined as the ability of a digital computer to perform tasks that are usually associated with intelligent beings.

On the other hand, the term Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as a system of interrelated devices, objects, animals or people that have unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without the requirement of any human involvement in the process. For example, a person with a pacemaker, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, a car having a sensor that alerts the driver of the low pressure in the tire, etc. are types of IoT systems.

All these systems and gadgets are having an element that is ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’, that is thinking by itself and taking decisions by acting on them. This is the reason why all these devices can be related to each other and can be used interchangeably even if they have technical differences in their definitions.

Now that we know what these terms mean, let us understand and how we use them and what technologies they use?

How do we use such intelligent gadgets and How they’ve helped us?

In this part, we will understand in what form we use these intelligent electronic gadgets, what technologies they use, how they are helpful, etc.

Ø Smart Locks:

Smart locks have been like an answer to a lot of prayers. This is because they totally eliminate the use of keys.

Smart locks like August, Yale, KeyNIE, etc. are in the market helping their consumers to shift to a smart way of entry and exit without compromising on the security of that space.

These locks have a lot of features other than just providing a faster and convenient way of entry and exit. They put the control of the smart lock in the hands of the user. The user can monitor and manage all the activities of the lock through their smartphones!

With one tap, they can share access to a lock, unlock the lock, have an access to the past records of transactions of the lock, etc.

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How does it work?

These locks usually lock and unlock using a strong and reliable technology. Security is of utmost importance here. So, they generally use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC based technology.

All these technologies use secure standards and protocols to restrict any unauthorized access to your home and belongings.


These gadgets save a lot of time, are convenient since they use no keys! They also provide better security since the features provided by the application allow you to control and monitor the lock better.

Also, the sharing and revoking of access is made easy and can be done remotely. You can also keep a track on all your share and unlock records.

This could not be done earlier with the traditional locks where the key management was a prominent issue and there was no way one could monitor the lock.

Ø 3D Printers:

When we talk about 3D printers, we immediately create a mental picture of small needle-like lasers making up a miniature model of a thing inputted in the printer to print. You are sort of correct! This is technically what happens in a 3D printer.

However, the actual process consists of some more steps. Let us first look into what a 3D printer is and for what purpose is it used?

A 3D printer is a peripheral device which uses the technique of making a physical object layer by layer according to the 3D model. There are a lot of materials that can be used to print a 3D object. The technology implemented is based on the material used to print.

There are in all approximately 11 techniques used for 3D printing. This type of printing is usually crucial for fields of manufacturing, medicine, architecture, etc.

How does it work?

There are mainly 3 steps to it. The first step involves preparing a 3D file of the object you want to print.

The second step is the actual process of printing. First, the material for printing is decided. There are a lot of materials like plastic, ceramics, resins, metals, food, etc. that can be used for 3D printing.

The third step is the finishing process which involves specific skills and materials. The object has to be sanded, lacquered or painted to be considered as a finished product.


Instead of ordering and spending on the special models for things you need, you can immediately have a 3D model ready, made of an object that you want in no time!

It is a cost-effective solution as well! Instead of spending a lot of bucks on ordering a special model from elsewhere, you can just create your own, the way you want, without spending much.

Another benefit of using this gadget is that it is a single step manufacturing process that saves a lot of time and efforts when we compare it to the normal process that involves a lot of steps in manufacturing.

Ø Smart Digital Assistants:

You must have seen that catchy advertisement where a man asks Alexa to play his favourite song? Well, ever wonder what Alexa is and what it does? We are going to learn about that in a while but, first of all, these gadgets are called Smart/Digital Assistants. They are also known as virtual or voice assistants.

There are many other such devices in the market other than Alexa, like- Google Home has Google Assistant, HomePod by Apple has Siri as its virtual assistant, etc.

Now virtual assistants can comprehend voice-based commands and perform a task according to them. They are available in devices like smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and now even as standalone devices like Google Home or HomePod.

How does it work?

These are passive listening devices that respond to a greeting or a command. It is mandatory for the virtual assistants to be connected to the Internet in order to be able to carry out web searches and stay connected with other devices.

Since they are passive listening devices, they need a wake-up message that is usually pre-decided. Once this message is heard, the device wakes up and is ready to take the commands.

This is how this system works. These kinds of AI devices involve natural language-understanding technology combined with automatic speech recognition technology. The machine-learning algorithms and extensive servers of such big companies make it possible for them to create such amazing technology.


There has been a case somewhere where Alexa saved its owner from a murder. Technology, if used properly can save lives too!

A few months ago, Google announced that the Google Assistant can call and make appointments for its users! Now, this sounds unbelievable and almost magical. But it’s the truth.

These virtual assistants have brought forward a concept of a ‘smart home’. All the smart devices would be connected to this virtual assistant and can be remotely controlled by it.

This is the reason why manufacturers today, make sure that they develop smart devices that are compatible with these virtual assistants.

Ø Smart Glasses:

These gadgets support Augmented Reality. This is an emerging field of science and still, a lot needs to be done in it. If we talk particularly about such intelligent glasses, we can talk about a product like Google Glass.

These glasses overlap the pictures through the glass on the already existing view of reality.

In layman’s terms, these glasses add augmented pictures and information on the real objects, ‘drawing’ it over them! 

This concept can be used to interact with the surroundings as well as it can be used for gaming purposes.

How does it work?

These glasses work on the principles of Augmented Reality wherein there is a combination of data and images that can be seen through the glass.

This works through a constant access to a large database of information and retrieving all this data in real-time and showing it on the screen.


They help you to get information that you can use almost immediately.

This way they save a lot of time that usually gets spent on surfing and searching on the web. It’s also portable and easy to understand and operate.

Ø Smart Medical Gadgets:

As the name suggests, these gadgets are made to serve your medical needs and they look after your health.

They include gadgets like different thermometers, portable defibrillators which can save a lot of lives, devices that can measure diabetes, gadgets that show the status of the blood pressure, etc.

Then there are other health-based gadgets like fitness trackers or Fitbits that track your daily activities and measure the number of calories you burned that day.

Many impressive smart medical gadgets like Google smart contact lenses are specifically made for diabetic patients who have spectacles. These lenses measure the sugar levels of the patient through their tears’ fluidal composition! The data is then relayed to an application for the lenses.

Similarly, things like The Intelligent Asthma Management Kit also helps to detect the symptoms, sends regular alerts to the patients and the doctors, and also track these symptoms to avoid future harm.

How do they work?

They work similarly to how any smart device and its dedicated application works. The application has features that help control the device and change the settings of the device.

Constant notifications and alerts can be seen in the application. Various medical symptoms are tracked and are managed.


Gone are those days where you fall sick and then go to your family doctor and after a long waiting line, you are able to consult him and take your medications.

Through such smart gadgets and technology, cases of medical emergency have been less and people are becoming more health- conscious.

Bottom Line, these smart and intelligent devices have made sure that our lives become simple and easier. They provide us with the utmost convenience and improve our standard of living.

More and more people are open to it and are adopting these gadgets and using them in their daily lives.

So, next time you by something, make sure you take a wise decision of choosing a smart device. You will see how it will make your life simple and easy.

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