Most demanded features of KeyNIE Smart Lock

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You guys already know what KeyNIE does and how it operates. But there are some things that make it super-efficient and easy to use!

Yes, you may know how to use KeyNIE to open your door remotely from anywhere you want, through KeyNIE app. But a smart lock does so much more than that! Want to know more about what other ‘smart things KeyNIE does?

Here are some of the in-demand features of KeyNIE, that makes it a crowd favorite!

Set the time limit to the access!

You can now share access with your guests through a passcode. What’s new you say? The special part is that you have a variety of options to customize your passcode!

set the time limit on keynie smart lock

You can send a permanent passcode or set a time-limit to it! In setting a time-limit too you get loads of options like timed passcode, one-time passcode, cyclic passcode, etc.

Check this out on your KeyNIE Lock app! You just have to:

  • Go to the ‘Lock Management’ page.

  • Select the option- ‘Send Passcode’.

  • You will get a lot of options to select from. Each option is provided with some information about the nature of the passcode that will be generated.

  • Select the option that suits you the best and you are good to go!

Don’t worry about sharing access!

sharing access with keynie lock

You don’t have to worry about sharing an access to a lock and then forgetting to revoke it. With KeyNIE Lock app, you can also schedule your eKeys!

You can set the type of your eKey to either timed or permanent!

So, once you share the eKey with your guest, you don’t have to worry about revoking it since the eKey will not work after the set time.

For those of you who use it in the office for places like server rooms, where security is very important and access is very limited, you can set a time limit of the access that you share with a designated person!

Homeowners can share a timed eKey with their guests when they are not around to welcome them! This will enable the guests to unlock/lock KeyNIE for that particular time period!

For that, you just have to:

  • Select the option ‘Send eKey’ once you are on the Lock Management page.

  • Under the option of ‘Type’, select the type of eKey that you want to share. You’re good to go!

Let KeyNIE do the work for you!

let keynie lock do the work for you

Trying to remember if you locked the door after opening it? Fret not, KeyNIE Door lock does that for you!

Once you unlock the door, using the feature of ‘Auto-Lock’, you can set a time, after which the door will get locked. This feature of the smart lock makes sure that the door locks-up after being used!

You can do this by:

  • Select the option ‘Setting’ on the Lock Management page.

  • Then select ‘Auto-Lock’ option.

  • You can set a time period anywhere between 5-900 seconds.

You are all set to use your smart lock now!

We hope that using these features, you are able to effectively use KeyNIE. Our aim is to give efficient security solutions to our users through our digital locks. Hope you are able to do that and more!

For a better understanding of the features, you can check out our Bluetooth door lock and padlocks, here.

Posted by - Stuti Trivedi

Stuti  is a blogger and a content developer currently working in the field of smart security. She is a content designer for KeyNIE and writes about various security trends in the market.

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