Padlocks - Are they secure?

padlocks blog featured imageToday, the world is witnessing some profound changes where smart homes and smart security gadgets are penetrating the daily lives of the population at a great speed.

But what baffles more is the updates that the tech industry brings to these gadgets! These updates make sure that these devices provide seamless communication across all platforms and are super user-friendly!

The latest trend that we have noticed is using the cloud as the way to store data and communicate with the home security system, to and fro!

It has also been predicted that the smart lock industry will reach up to US$2.40 billion by 2023.

Some of the key factors contributing to this massive growth are the growing awareness of smart security solutions in the market, stable growth in portable connected smart home devices and a growing user-base for smartphones in the most rural areas in the world!

These are some major reasons that ensure that the smart security business is here to stay for good.

There are many types of smart locks available in the market out of which smart padlock market is considered to be booming right now. This is because of their portability and ease-of-use.

There are a lot of urban households that actually prefer smart padlocks rather than door locks since they require no installation whatsoever.

Now the security these padlocks provide depends on the brand, the physical build of the lock and the technology that they use to operate. It also largely depends on the question that which lock is best suited for you, the consumer.

Now in order to know whether a smart padlock is secure or not, let us first understand what are the different kinds of padlocks that are available in the market.

There are a lot of smart padlocks in the market and easily available online too. A lot of them work differently. Some of them operate on Bluetooth, some of them are wired, some of them open when you enter passcodes, etc.

In order to understand which smart padlock is best for you, first, you should know about the types of access for padlocks available in the market.

Padlocks Connected with Smartphones

As discussed earlier, the increased use of smartphones is a major reason why such smart technologies are in great demand!

These types of padlocks are operated through your smartphone. They use technology like Bluetooth, NFC, etc. to unlock.

These types of padlocks also provide a higher security since they support a lot of features like real-time monitoring of the lock, managing multiple locks on the smartphone device, sharing or revoking access with people of your choice, scheduling the time for access, etc.

Padlocks with Biometrics

Many padlocks operate on a biometric property. For years, biometric scanners have been used in areas of high security. Usually, these scanners come at a high price and hence are not a feasible option for a lot of businesses.

However, fingerprint scanners are quite inexpensive and can be applied in the functioning of smart locks.

There are many smart locks that operate on a fingerprint scanning technology. This works effectively and you can enter your home just by scanning your fingerprint!

Key fobs and RFID

Just like cars, you can now open the door to your house, with the help of a key fob! Key fobs are also popular for their use in electronic access to communal buildings.

There are many smart locks like Noke, that provide a key fob with the lock. This way you can open the door to your house with just a click!

Why are they different than traditional locks?

round padlock blog image

These smart padlocks, like any smart digital lock, are keyless! These locks eliminate the complications that one otherwise faces while using a traditional lock and key systems.

The ease with which these smart locks allow you to share access with people is commendable.

Traditional locks can be easy to pick but smart locks are secure because you can constantly keep a tab on who entered or exited the house and when, which lock was used (if you have multiple locks), etc. You can easily view and track your locking, unlocking, shares and revokes history.

Real-time monitoring and remote access sharing are some of the major features and advantages of smart locks over the traditional locks that make them a better contender.

Why are they more secure?

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A smart lock’s convenience is the biggest and the most obvious reason why it has been accepted so fast. But the main question here is - does it provide enough security?

This, up to some extent, depends on the physical body of a padlock. A large number of smart padlocks in the market today, have shackles made from strong materials and have a strong body and are weather resistant too. They physically, provide the same level of security than any other traditional lock.

Now, the game changer, in this case, is the features that a smart lock provides. As discussed earlier the convenience and ease-of-use is great with a smart lock.

Its additional security features like remote sharing and revoking of access, real-time tracking and monitoring of activities of the lock, scheduling of the access make sure that any intruder activity gets detected early on before any serious damage is done.

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Posted by - Stuti Trivedi

Stuti is a blogger and a content developer currently working in the field of smart security. She is a content designer for KeyNIE and writes about various security trends in the market.

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