Smart Home Devices for the Old

Increasing advancements in technology have helped excel human life in many ways. Its contributions can be seen very extensively, from lifting up the living standards to increase the life expectancy of millions of masses.

But with a large population of the world ageing, the socio-economic structure of many countries is in jeopardy, in terms of costs of elderly healthcare and wellbeing. In times like these, it becomes very crucial for the tech-industries to come up with some affordable and easy-to-use healthcare, security and housing solutions that help the aged of the society and provide them with a good quality of life.

With a lot of development in the ‘smart’-gadget market, security, and healthcare are some of the major concerns for the aged people, that we can address using this technology.

Apart from these reasons, the aged find it difficult to carry out simple domestic chores of the house or be self-dependent when they reach a certain age and have to be dependent completely or partially on their children or their caretakers.

In many cases, a situation like this may not be an ideal one for their wellbeing. To provide somewhat of a relief to this situation, many smart devices have been designed keeping this specific need in mind.

Today, we are going to look into some smart gadgets that help the aged people lead better lives. Some of them are:

Ø Wellness Program: has thought about the ageing problem and has come up with a wellness program that monitors the movements and activities in different parts of the house and notifies the person or his/her family members about every detail.

It uses its extensive network of notifications to keep everyone posted about the where-beings of the elderly in the home. It does this by using a series of video cameras fixed at different places in the house.

The indoor camera and sensors can monitor some of the dangerous areas in the house like a staircase or some corridor where there’s no light, and you can do it right from your phone! The cameras even have night vision.

This is a very helpful smart security gadget that will definitely help the elderly in the house a lot.

Ø Sensi Smart Thermostat:

This easy technology consists of a thermostat that maintains the temperature in a room, but it is not limited to just that. This is a smart device that does much more than controlling and managing the temperature.

Thermostats can be confusing for seniors having eyesight problems and adjusting the settings can also be a different challenge altogether since there are too many options to look into.

The Wi-Fi connected thermostat is adjusted and controlled by a smartphone app and it is super easy to understand operate it. It allows remote management from anywhere in the world!

Another plus point is that it can be easily synced with Amazon’s Alexa for voice-controlled instructions.

Ø Smart Locks like KeyNIE smart Lock:

When we talk about smart security gadgets, smart locks are the first thing that we think of. Smart locks are the newer and smarter alternative to the traditional locks since they have been able to provide the same level of security and more convenience to the users.

When it comes to the elderly of the society, smart locks like KeyNIE, reduce their daily struggles a lot. This lock doesn’t use keys which comes as a great relief to the aged people because key management is usually the greatest challenge that they face.

To add to that, it provides full management on smartphones through the KeyNIE Lock app. This makes it really simple for them to manage and operate the lock. Not only this, they can easily share the access to the lock with their caretakers, friends, and family, remotely through the app.

They can have access to the past lock/unlock records and share records. This way they can monitor the security of their home.

Such smart security gadgets are very beneficial and helpful for the aged and senior people of the family.

Ø Care Touch Wrist Monitor:

This wrist monitor is designed to provide an accurate blood pressure and pulse rate measurements to the users.

In old age, blood pressure and pulse rate measurements are mandatory since they are common ailments. Once a person wears it, he can have regular measurements of his vitals and will receive automatic updates.

It keeps track of up to 60 readings. This device is FDA approved too. It notifies a person of an irregular heartbeat, and it has a large display screen to facilitate better vision.

Ø LOK8U Freedom Watch:

This device is again a very important and helpful device for the aged people.

Elderly people who are tormented by Alzheimer’s and dementia have a tendency of wandering away from their homes which is a major source of worry for their families.

The Freedom watch monitors their location and finds their whereabouts. The wristwatch has a GPS and GSM locator with a strap, a portable receiver, and a charger base.

The portable receiver sends out a signal that’s the watch picks up and a signal is sent back to the receiver. This device has proved to be very beneficial for the aged people having such health problems.

In the end, elderlies of the society are the responsibility of the young people in the world and their quality of life should not be compromised at any cost.

Such devices help them live a better life with easier ways to perform their daily chores. They help them live with peace of mind and make them feel comfortable when no one is there to take care of them.

Such convenient and easy technology and smart gadgets also help them to lead their life with dignity and self-respect without being dependent on anyone.

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