Smart security for a connected home

In today's world where people are progressively adapting 'smart' devices not only in their workplaces, but also in their homes; smart security is an inevitable option that gets revisited by the experts and the users again and again! And naturally, when we talk about smart security, we end up thinking about smart locks!

Smart locks in today's world provide a large variety of options for access and also usability.

Most smart locks use Bluetooth or wireless technology to operate and they run on batteries so they remain efficient even at the time of power outages.

The most convenient feature in such smart locks is that you can easily share the access of the lock with the person of your choice through email or through the respective mobile application for the particular smart lock and also at the same time you can revoke the access when the use is over!

You can easily monitor the accesses to you lock and look into the history of transactions and receive notifications for the same.

When it comes to the hardware, there are some smart locks that can integrate with the deadbolts you already have on your door while others require a special installation for the smart lock.

Today, there are a lot of options available for smart locks, like:

  • Bluetooth Smart Locks:

    If you are the type of person who always forgets the keys and the combinations to open a door, this option can be helpful for you all! In cases like these, you can purchase a Bluetooth set up wherein it will link with your phone and can perform functions like automatically locking the door 30 seconds after you have left the house.

    These locks can also be programmed to work in a way where the door gets opened once you are within a certain range, using the NFC technology.

    Such locks also have an  option of using a key fob, so that you can give them to your guests or trusted people to access the lock.

  • PIN / Fingerprint smart locks:

    For those who also find it hard to take your phone with you now and then, this kind of lock can be accessed with the fingerprints of the owner or a PIN number! These kinds of locks are mainly useful in cases of share-houses or in the houses where you need to come and go frequently.

  • Wi-Fi Smart Locks:

    For those who religiously believe and plan to have a smart home, or for those who already have one, this type of smart lock is a heaven! These kinds of locks can easily with your home network for easy keyless entry. You can share their access by sending 'invitations' to a person you trust and also keep track and monitor the access via the mobile application.

  • Smart Padlocks:

    For security of your home and your assets when you are not there, these kinds of locks are go-to! This smart padlock connects with your Bluetooth device (eg- your phone, tablet, etc) and you can easily access or lock your door and protect your assets through a mobile application. These locks can stay locked for up to 22 years without needing to charge them! However, you will be notified once the battery starts running low.

Why you should use smart locks?

In today's world, using smart locks make a lot of sense as they free you from the hassle of the keys and remembering those hard combinations! The concept of 'smart-home' is not a concept anymore. People are using and adopting smart technologies in their homes in order to make their life easier! Not only in terms of cost but also in terms of efficiency and ease, these smart devices top the charts. So, smart lock is only the next progressive way in that direction.

Posted by - Dhaval Pandit

Dhaval is having solid intrapreneurial experience in developing business strategies around new idea/vision, forming & growing teams and execution of go-to-market programs that surpass goals. He is passionate about helping companies to scale; since 11+ years he is been working with product and service companies at all stages of the business lifecycle.

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