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KeyNIE Door Lock

₹ 17,999.00₹ 8,999.00
           KeyNIE Smart Door Lock India

KeyNIE Smart Door Lock

KeyNIE Door Lock provides you with a keyless convenience to unlock your door with better access features for a better security. You can share access to your lock, with trusted people and also decide the time limit of that access! You can easily manage and monitor the activities on your lock and can easily open the door to your home without worrying about the keys and combinations. It gives you a more secure access to your home and property and an easy-to-track solution to track the lock through the KeyNIE Lock app.

KeyNIE Door Lock with Bluetooth Access

Bluetooth Access

KeyNIE connects to your phone through Bluetooth eliminating the need of traditional keys. Once granted permission by the administrator, the user can access KeyNIE by simply installing the KeyNIE Lock app and turning on their Bluetooth feature to access KeyNIE.

KeyNIE Electronic Door Lock with Mechanical Keys

Mechanical Keys

This lock also provides a mechanical key to unlock it! In case if your batterie die, then fret not! You will have mechanical key that can open the lock and then replace the batteries.

KeyNIE Bluetooth Door Lock Jump Start

Jump Start

The lock is also well equipped with durable and long-lasting, easy to replace batteries. In a case when you ignore the warnings and notifications sent by the KeyNIE Lock application about the batteries needing replacement, KeyNIE can be 'jump-started' with the external power sources like a power bank, which could then enable the authorized person to unlock the lock and replace the dead batteries.

KeyNIE App with Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring

You can easily track the transactions happening involving your lock in real time through the KeyNIE Lock App. You can find unlock and lock reports, who accessed your lock and when was it accessed, all of it just in a tap!

Share Lock Access with KeyNIE Mobile App

Share with friends easily through


You can now share access to your lock easily with your trusted person by sending Bluetooth e-keys on their KeyNIE Lock App. You can easily set the access on a permanent basis or schedule it.


You can also share a passcode that is generated by the KeyNIE Lock app! You get many options to control this access by choosing the life of the respective passcode. See? The control is totally in your hands!

KeyNIE Smart Door Lock India
KeyNIE Door Lock
₹ 17,999.00₹ 8,999.00
KeyNIE Door Lock

KeyNIE Door Lock

₹ 17,999.00₹ 8,999.00
  • Material - Acrylic touchscreen pad, Zinc alloy reversible handles
  • Color - Black
  • Diameter of the plate - 2.76” (70mm) * 7” (177.5mm)
  • Handle Length - 3.93” (99.8mm)
  • Door Thickness (ideal range) - 38-55 (mm)
  • Net Weight - 2.7 kg
  • Communication - Bluetooth 4.0BLE
  • Supported OS - iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later
  • Battery Life - Can provide 5000 unlocks (in approx. 6 months)
  • Power Supply - 4 pcs of 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Working Voltage - ≤200mA
  • Unlock Mode - Bluetooth, Code, Mechanical Key
  • Unlock Time - Approximately 1.5 seconds after the instructions are received
  • Working Temperature - 0~80°C
  • Product System - Embedded System

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