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Smart square padlock to secure your rooms and windows

₹ 4,999.00₹ 2,999.00
           KeyNIE Square Padlock India

A Smart Square Padlock Solution

KeyNIE provides you the square padlocks as a sleek, smart and stylish option for keeping your property safe. Made in quiet a retro design these locks are great when it comes to smart security. Like other security solutions from Keynie, the square padlocks are also connected with a centralized application that installs in your phone and allows you to monitor all the activities right from your mobile device. These locks find their use on cabinets, doors, windows and lockers.

Scroll ahead on this page to understand how the combination of tough hardware and seamless software work together towards securing your property.

KeyNIE Square Padlock with Bluetooth Access

Bluetooth Access

KeyNIE connects to your phone through Bluetooth eliminating the need of traditional keys. Once granted permission by the administrator, the user can access KeyNIE by simply installing the KeyNIE Lock app for Android and iOS smartphones, and turning on their Bluetooth feature to access KeyNIE.

KeyNIE Weather Resistant Square Padlock

Weather Resistant

The body of the lock is made in such a way that it can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and challenging outdoor environments. We ensured this by using durable material to make the body of the lock and having its steel shackles made from boron.

KeyNIE Stylish Square Padlock

Convenient and Stylish

The KeyNIE padlocks have been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the consumer. KeyNIE Square Lock has been designed for more rough and sturdy use like to lock your property and keep your home safe. Whereas KeyNIE Round Lock is sleeker and petite in design so that it can provide mobility easily and be used to protect your bike or for your lockers, etc.

KeyNIE Square Padlock with AES Encryption


All the communication to and from your smart phone is securely executed with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 having a 128-bit AES encryption. Another layer of 128-bit encryption along with a custom protocol is added to communicate with your lock. This custom protocol has unique session IDs, session keys and digital keys unique for every lock; all of which are required to for your lock to accept the unlock command.

KeyNIE Square Padlock with Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Your security is our first priority! In order to safely store your data, KeyNIE uses Google’s Cloud platform. This platform ensures that your information gets automatically encrypted once it gets stored. This is done with the help of multiple algorithms that Google uses to ensure the security of your valuable information.

KeyNIE Square Padlock India
KeyNIE Square Lock
₹ 4,999.00₹ 2,999.00
KeyNIE Square Padlock

KeyNIE Square Lock

₹ 4,999.00₹ 2,999.00
  • Material - Aluminum Alloy
  • Color - Grey
  • Product Size - 98x60x23mm
  • Net Weight - About 242g
  • Communication - Bluetooth 4.0BLE
  • Supported OS - iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later
  • Power Supply - 600mA
  • Battery Life - About 2 years (about 10000 times)
  • Working Voltage - 2.5-4.2V
  • Unlock Mode - Mobile Phone App Unlock
  • Unlock Time - About 2 seconds after the instructions are received
  • Working Temperature - -20°C~70°C
  • Product System - Embedded System

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