How to add a lock to the KeyNIE App?

01. Once you have downloaded the KeyNIE App, you will have to add your lock to the App.

02. Go to the option- 'Add Lock' in the App.

03. This will take you to 3 options- 'Scan', 'Bluetooth' and 'Number'.

  • Scan

    'Scan' option will take to a screen wherein you will have to scan that QR code again This will add a new lock to your application wherein you will have to name the lock thereafter.

  • Bluetooth

    The 'Bluetooth' option will require the Bluetooth in your Smart phone to be 'ON' and then when you press the button on your lock, your lock will get identified and it connects and gets added to your system.

  • Input Numbers

    The 'Number' option can be used in case if for some reason QR Code doesn't get scanned, you can enter the number below the QR code to add a new lock. This option is also very convenient. Once you have added a lock, you can name the lock as you see fit.

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