How To Operate The Lock?

Upon adding the lock to the application, you will have options to operate and unlock KeyNIE.

01. Button

The 'Button' option simply involves you pressing the button on the lock and tapping on the 'Unlock' button in your phone, which will open the lock with the help of Bluetooth in your smart phone.

02. Fingerprint

This option allows you to set your fingerprint as a security feature, to unlock KeyNIE. It requires you to scan your fingerprint on your phone and set it as a default security option. Now, whenever you need to unlock KeyNIE, you will just have to scan your fingerprint. Its that easy! 

03. Password

In the 'Password' option, the application will ask you to fill in a password to open the lock. This password will usually be the password that you set while logging in to the application. These are the secure options through which we can open the lock securely and safely without you having to worry about the keys or the security of your assets.

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