How To Share The Access To Your Lock?

Step 1

If you go to 'My Center' and then select the option - 'My Friend', which has 3 options:

  • Scan QR Code to add
  • Add Account
  • Request List

The first 2 options are the ways in which you can share access with a trusted person of your choice.

Step 2

  • The first option- 'Scan QR Code to add' is an option through which you can scan a QR code and add a person and share the access to the lock with him or her.

  • The second option- 'Add Account' asks you the mail-id of the person with whom you want to share the access, and then if you select 'Send Request', a request will be sent to that person.

  • The person with whom you are sharing the access, has to go to 'My Friend' option and then he/she will have to select the option- 'Request List' wherein he will find the request sent to him by the admin.

Step 3

  • Once he/she selects the option 'Agree', the admin has to 'Authorize' the person, and only then he/she will be able to see and access that particular lock to his/her system.

  • NOTE - The admin has to authorize the person to be able to give him/her the access to the lock.

  • You can easily 'Authorize' and 'Unauthorize' or revoke the access from a friend that you may have added in the past.

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