Other Options

My Center

'My Center' has 4 options.

Personal Info

  • Under the 'Personal Info' option, you can name your lock according to your convenience. You have to fill in details like your name, ID no. etc.

  • You will also have to set up your profile by filling in the profile information in the application.


There are in all 5 options in 'Settings'.

  • The first option is 'Change Theme'. This option will let you select your own customized theme for the application.

  • The 'Instruction' option, as the name suggests, will show you the instructions about the 'How To' for different things like -How to scan a device, instructions about preference settings, etc.

  • The third option is 'Firmware Upgrade', which will notify you if there is an upgrade in your firmware and how to upgrade it.

  • The fourth option is - 'About Us', where you can find the information about the company.

  • The fifth option is the option to 'Log Out'.

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