Your phone is the new key!

A smartlock freeing you from the shackles of keys and hassles of combinations, for good!

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Wanna lend your keys? No problem!

Remember? Earlier when you had to lend your keys to someone and then worried about it all the time? Well, no more! KeyNIE makes it easy and almost seamless for you to share the access to your assets, with your trusted ones. You can control and monitor the access to your door or any asset, from anywhere!

High Security for your Assets

KeyNIE helps you to lock, unlock and monitor your door from anywhere. Its cloud security technology ensures high safety for your assets.

Convenient for all age groups

Using the KeyNIE App, you can easily share or revoke access to the smart lock. This way, only the people you want will have access to the asset, whenever and wherever you want them to have it.

iOS and Android Compatible

This smartlock is compatible on all the iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Manage Multiple Locks

The KeyNIE App facilitates the control of multiple locks simultaneously. You can name your locks and make custom settings for each of them.

Share with friends easily

You can now easily share or revoke access with your friends and family. With the help of the KeyNIE App, you can decide and control the day, time, location and duration of the access!

KeyNIE Features

Welcome to a hassle-free, keyless world where you won't ever have to worry about losing your keys. KeyNIE connects with your phone through Bluetooth to help you access your secured assets with just a tap!


Simple, Easy and Quick!

KeyNIE is a smartlock that automatically finds and connects with your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone and unlocks when the shackle is pressed! This way you won't ever have to worry about losing your keys or remembering those difficult combinations that the traditional locks have.

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